About “Yearbook of Cognitive Science”

„Rocznik Kognitywistyczny” (Yearbook of Cognitive Science) has been published since 2008. Until 2011 it featured a selection of papers presented at Krakowska Konferencja Kognitywistyczna (Cracow Conference on Cognitive Science). In 2012 it was transformed into a traditional scientific periodical – this means that papers can be submitted independently from the applications to the conference. Also, this year the publication began to appear in the on-line version.

The subject of the yearbook is cognitive science in its widest scope. It includes papers from disciplines such as

  • artificial inteligence
  • computational linguistics
  • cognitive linguistics
  • logic
  • philosophy of mind
  • philosophy of language
  • cognitive psychology
  • cognitive neuroscience

The authors of the papers published in the Yearbook have mainly been young scientists beginning their academic work. Founding of the periodical was inspired by experiences of its editors, who had often met promises that their papers presented at a conference would be published, but in fact were not. The results presented at conferences usually reach a small group of interested listeners. Publication, on the other hand, usually reaches a larger audience and thanks to its sustainable nature allows others to refer to the published results. That is why we always wanted the papers presented at our conference also to be available as a publication.

Currently, as we want to increase availability, we focus on the on-line publication. From the fifth issue on, on-line version is the original version of the yearbook. Individual articles will bear DOI identifier, which should contribute to fuller acknowledgement of citations. The yearbook is currently indexed at the Central and Eastern European Online Library, ProQuest, CEJHS as well as Google Scholar and we take efforts to have it indexed in other databases.