Yearbook of Cognitive Science – volume V/2011

  1. Izabela Chmiel, Maciej Górkiewicz Two arguments for options I-don’t-know except options Yes/No in anonymous questionnaire survey on understanding the causal relations
  2. Agnieszka Drabik NLP – a tool of persuasion whether art of manipulation?
  3. Michał Dudek ”Only after the amputation, I will be complete” – Body Integrity Identity Disorder as interdisciplinary challenge – outline of the problem
  4. Agnieszka Dziob, Paulina Łazarewicz plWordNet as a tool for supporting the translator’s work
  5. Katarzyna Eliasz A struggle for neuronal territory. Application of cognitive science to trademark protection law.
  6. Filip Gęsiarz Why do economists need brains: about usefulness of neuroeconomics
  7. Paweł Gładziejewski Mental simulation as a process underlying cognitive engagement with narrative fictions
  8. Anna Grzybkowska Prismatic adaptation in the rehabilitation of patients with hemispatial neglect
  9. Weronika Kałwak Qualitative methods in pain assessment – report of research project
  10. Krzysztof Kasparek, Paweł Banaś Neurocognitive models of crime and their application in forensic psychology based on deviant sexual preferences diagnosis
  11. Stanisław Krawczyk, Piotr Migdał Asperger Syndrome, Hard Science and Nerd Culture
  12. Marta Łukowska Virtual reality technologies application in psychology
  13. Marcin Łukasz Makowski Can machines do something entirely new? A question about the limits of creativity
  14. Joanna Mańczak Cognitive science in education – Employment of method RECITO in process of acquisition improvement and solidification of ability of reading and re-education of child with disturbances in this range
  15. Bartłomiej Matoga Cognitive principles of interaction design
  16. Ewa Mróz, Joanna Rząsa Differences in sensory perception in the context of visual impairment and synaesthesia
  17. Marta Mrozowicz Research on cognitive processes in obsessive-compulsive disorder – an outline of issues
  18. Wojciech Piwowarczyk, Jakub Słupski The decline of the norm-decyphering process and effectiveness of legal norms in the factual sense
  19. Witold Płotka Are actions founded on representations? Cognitive science and practice
  20. Piotr Podlipniak The evolutionary sources of some human musical aesthetic preferences
  21. Michał Sieczka Personalised recomendation systems as potential for sociological research in case of movie database
  22. Katarzyna Rączy, Marek Osewski, Zuzanna Skóra Adjustment and anchoring heuristic on material presented as animal list
  23. Tomasz Żuradzki The role of consciousness in the end-of-life decisions